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Body Wash      
Body Wash 250 ml
Body Lotion 250 ml
Body Scrub 175 ml
Body Salts 175 ml
Body Butter 175 ml
Massage Oil 100 ml


Candle Small
Candle Medium
Candle Large
Candle in Frosted Holder One Size
Candle - 2 Tier Bamboo Medium
Candle - 4 Tier Bamboo Large
Set of Lights / Glass Golder One Size
Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Loofah Sponge One Size
White - Olive - Green - Pink - Beige  
Exfoliation Gloves One Size
Green - Pink  


Yoga Pants - White Large
Yoga Pants - White XLarge
Yoga Pants - Grey Medium
Yoga Pants - Grey Large
Yoga Pants - Grey XLarge
White Shirt Small
White Shirt Medium
White Shirt Large
White Shirt XLarge
Luxurious Towelling Gown  


Eternal Child Duffel One Size
Eternal Child Bowler Bag One Size
Eternal Child Cosmetic Bag One Size
White Bath Towel One Size
White Hand Towel One Size
Grey Bath Towel One Size
Grey Hand Towel One Size
Table Cloths

Table Cloths

Table Cloth With Large Logo  
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