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'How it all began………………Once upon a time …….. In a small Town, lived two sisters.'

Natasha and Lindy Van Diemen are complete opposites of each other. People often said that Natasha had the right brain and Lindy the left.
Natasha had a passion for creating luxurious lotions and potions using a mixture of items from her mums’ dressing table. Lindy on the other hand would wait for Natasha to complete her magic potions and then trade them with the neighborhood kids for their pocket money or sweets. They would spend endless hours deciding on how the magic potion would smell and what colour it had to be. The neighborhood kids were fascinated by how Natasha and Lindy could make them feel like royalty just by using these potions and awaited eagerly every day for their daily dose of luxury.

A few years later the sisters gave birth to two beautiful girls, Emma and Chloe, who are 4 years apart.  On Sunday afternoon after lunch, Natasha and Lindy noticed that Chloe and Emma had been very quiet in the room.

So they decided to check in on the girls. Chloe was busy mixing her mums lotions and creams into a bowl, trying to get the perfect mixture and Emma was busy deciding how they were going to sell this magic lotion at school.

Natasha and Lindy smiled at each other remembering their younger days of mixing magic creams.

From that day the sisters decided that they wanted to leave a legacy behind for their children and their children’s children. Eternal Child was born representing Emma and Chloe. Natasha and Lindy then set out to create a luxurious range of bath and body products that would leave a person feeling like royalty.


Mission Statement

To treat our customers with the upmost respect, dignity and give them a quality product that makes them feel good; aspire them to make Eternal Child their number 1 choice of body care product.

To empower unemployed, disadvantaged individuals by training and mentoring them to become skilled and to create opportunities for the youth by opening an Academy and Eternal Child spa and boutique.

We want to strive to use all natural ingredients and have all policies in place, endorsing non-testing on animals.





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